Marine Upholstery and cushions

Custom upholstery and cushions

Your boat should feel like home, rather than a small space with hard seats. Custom cushions and upholstery can help make a huge difference on any boat.

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Find the Best Marine Upholstery Company

There are plenty of options for marine upholstery and cushions for your home, boat, pool, patio or gazebo.   We use only the most durable marine fabric (and if you have interior cushions, we have a wide selection of interior upholstery fabrics).  We also customize the “feel” of the cushions according to the foam, whether you want firm, medium or soft foam.


Each of these marine cushions is designed to be resistant to the elements and stand up to adverse weather conditions.  If you don’t want us to make new cushions for you and just want a repair done, that is easily arranged.    We can also replace just the foam, or just the fabric, whatever the situation calls for.

Custom Upholstery for Boats from Professionals

When you start your search for a boat upholstery service, it is important to take the company’s reputation into account. You’ll want to work with professionals that have experience creating custom designs and working with specialized foam and fabrics. Upholstery for marine environments is somewhat different from land-based environments which is why you need an experienced company to handle all your needs.

American Marine Coverings works with a variety of materials that are specifically designed for the marine environment. The zippers, for example, are made from a very high quality material that is built to last.

American Marine Coverings can also copy any of your cushions – all we need is the old cover and we can duplicate it precisely.  If you send us precise measurements too, along with drawings, we can make your cushions accordingly and ship them to you.

Maintaining  your cushions and upholstery

Sometimes, upholstery needs to be replaced, repaired or recovered.  We can take care of all of these requirements in our factory, with our highly skilled team of upholsterers and fabricators.


Design elements and customization

One of the best aspects of marine cushions and upholstery is our design element – something that makes your boat really stand out.   There are several customization that can be done to make your upholstery look simply stunning.

Embossing and embroidery, for example, can put your boat’s name on to all of the cushions and upholstery. Quality craftsmanship and excellent vinyl can also make it look like you’ve spent a whole lot more on your designs. Invisible zippers can also create a seamless look that really makes an impression.   Here are some examples of some cushion embroidery:









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