We absolutely LOVE our export customers and the opportunity to ship our custom-made products and/or fabric, canvas, parts and fittings all over the world.  We are very lucky in that we are based in Miami, right by Miami International Airport and close to most of the major freight forwarding/shipping companies.

We pride ourselves in quick turnaround if you want fabric, canvas, and parts and fittings shipped to you.  Obviously custom made items (boat covers, enclosures, bimini tops or full biminis, cushions, awnings etc.) take a little longer, but if we get the correct measurements (or better still – send us your old one and we can copy it) – we can make anything and ship it to you.  We recently made a really large bimini and frame and shipped it to Bermuda, after getting a custom made crate built for it (see the photo gallery).  It was absolutely huge, but the crate was so well built – the bimini and frame arrived in perfect condition and our customer was absolutely thrilled – it was a perfect fit.  He told us that if they had that made, it would have cost at least twice what it cost them to have us make it and ship it.

We have shipped many custom made canvas and upholstery items (boat covers, enclosures, cushions, biminis and bimini tops, awnings), sometimes up to five biminis-plus-frames at a time to the same location. Anything you see on your website can be yours, wherever you are in the world, as long as the dimensions and measurements you provide to us are accurate, or as long as have your old item, the one you want remade. Most of our customers send us their old item (old bimini top, or cushions, or enclosure), and we just make exact replicas, obviously brand new.  We have made and shipped dozens of nautical flag pillows, as well as other types of cushions – sometimes with the foam inside, sometimes without – just depends on what the customer wants.  We charge a nominal fee of $30 to deliver to your freight forwarder – whether it’s one piece or 20, it only costs you a flat $30 (Fort Lauderdale/Miami).

Why export?
A lot of our international customers complain that where they live, there either isn’t the expertise or accessibility to marine products or custom made items, or else the prices are way beyond their budgets.  We are happy to help whenever we can.  If you’re passing through and want to take some parts and fittings or material with you, email us ahead of time (give us a few days’ notice) and we’ll have it ready for you – all you have to do is stop by and pick it up.  For parts, fittings, canvas and fabric/material, nothing is easier – just let us know what you want,

Don’t forget, our customers save on sales tax too, if we take the goods directly to a freight forwarder.  We have shipped items all over the world, including the Pacific Rim, Caribbean and Bermuda, Venezuela and Colombia too – we can ship you anything that we have on our website, any Sunbrella (or other type) of fabric or canvas, all the marine parts and fittings, and again, if you want something custom made and have the exact measurements, we can make it and ship it to you too. Scour our website and any product on there can be shipped to you – just let us know.  Have questions?  Email us!  Contact us for all your export needs.


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