Waterproof Boat Covers – To Keep Your Boat Safe In All Seasons!

Buying a boat is a considerable investment. There are a number of elements that people consider while purchasing a boat so that they can have a remarkable boating experience when out with their loved ones. However, what most individuals often neglect, is the actual protection of the boat and its occupants – that should be of prime importance.

Exposed to the harsh elements while the boat is at rest, your beloved boat can get pretty beaten up while on the water, at a dock, or on a trailer outside.  Boat owners should choose the best possible boat covers so that the top exterior and the interior of the boat can be safeguarded from potential weather damage, excessive moisture, and the harmful rays of the sun. Keeping a boat inside in a marina warehouse can be prohibitively expensive – so a boat cover is the next best thing.

We make our boat covers to within an eighth of an inch to fit YOUR boat – we take a template of your specific boat, so that it fits perfectly.  We use Sunbrella marine fabric, which has a 10 year warranty – and if you prefer, we do also use other materials like Enduratex (for example), should you prefer.  We custom make all items, so if you need something a little different, or want the cover to extend further or higher, or want it to include the engines – we can do it for you.

We can install the boat cover if your boat is in the water, or if it is on a trailer – wherever it is, as long as we can get our installers on the boat to take a template and do installation, we can take care of it for you.  If your boat is kept outside, then a boat cover is a “MUST-HAVE” essential accessory.