Great reasons for getting a Custom Bimini Top for your Boat

Owning a boat comes with added responsibilities. Beyond the profound pleasure that you experience while out on the water, whether snorkeling, SCUBA diving, fishing, or just lazing around, there are some challenging issues every boat faces when dealing with the elements – the sun, rain and sea/salt water.  Too much sun can be harmful to you, your family and friends, not to mention your beloved pets, and it can damage your boat.

That’s why we always recommend installing a Bimini Top – in fact our own boat has a double bimini – so we get maximum shade all day long when we’re out on the water.  A Bimini top is a long-lasting, easy and logical solution – and if you use your boat a lot, then a custom-made one is preferred.  Not only will it protect you and your companions and pets (we see LOTS of dogs out on boats, just loving the ocean) from the sun, it protects the boat itself.

As the founders of the world-famous Bimini Top, we know what we’re doing when it comes to manufacturing and installation and will treat your boat as gently as we’d treat our own, and with just as much loving care.

As mentioned earlier in the blog, a custom-made Bimini top should be your first choice while choosing a top for your treasured boat. Here’s why:

1. A custom made bimini top by American Marine Coverings is designed to within an eighth of an inch to the design of YOUR specific boat.  Therefore, you know it’s a perfect fit.  Yes there are ready-made bimini tops out there – but it will not fit your boat the way a custom top will – and normally the fittings are not as strong as ours – mostly they have plastic fittings that will break easily – whereas we make sure ours are the best and the strongest.  We also ONLY use Sunbrella fabric, which has a 10 year warranty (we warranty our bimini tops for 1 year on labor) – so while you pay more for a custom bimini top, you really DO get what you pay for – quality and fit!  The last thing you want is a Bimini top made with inferior fabric and fittings because a year from now (or less), you’ll be back to square one, looking for a new top.

2. Complete control: Bimini tops are primarily designed to offer you cover against the sun. With a custom-made Bimini top, you enjoy total control over its functionality. When you want to be out in the sun, you can take the top and fold it down.  When you want it up – it’s easy to open up again.  When you’re in Florida in particular, you NEED that protection as much as possible.

3. Quality: Four factors that determine the quality of a Bimini top:  Hardware, frame, construction, and fabric.  Our custom made Bimini tops are manufactured with the finest in the heavy-grade aluminum tubing, or stainless steel tubing, which make up the frame.  We use Sunbrella fabric, with a 10 year warranty – while we offer 1 year on labor and workmanship (when it’s used with normal wear and tear).  We take care of our customers – and we highly recommend our custom made Bimini tops.  Call us or email us if you have any questions.