Upgrading your Boat’s Upholstery

Maintaining your boat in the best condition possible is one of the best things you can do to your boat. How then can you lavish your boat with awesome gifts and keep it elegant? Here are simple steps you can follow to upgrade your boat.

  • Look for marine professionals

Before you can start upgrading your boat, you should first track down professionals well conversant with the field. Many make the mistake of hiring residential upholsterers to do the upgrade. Majority of the residential upholsterers use the residential-type of thread which is adversely affected by saline conditions and UV radiation. Also, cushions done by residential upholsterers mainly fall apart because of the thread they use.

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  • Book an appointment with the upholsterer

Once you have chosen the best professional to upgrade your boat, set aside some time for the professional(s) to visit your boats. During the visit the upholsterer will:

  • Look at the interior of your boat
  • Take photos of the boat
  • Take the exact measurements
  • Start to envision the upcoming new look


  • Pick your preferred fabric

Once the visit is over, you should now go ahead and choose the fabric that perfectly suits all your preferences. There is a wide range of textures, patterns, and fabrics to choose from. There are three general categories of marine fabrics, namely:

  1. Basic sunbrella fabrics
  2. Ultraleather fabrics
  3. Designer (solution-dyed acrylic) fabrics

Coming up with the best fabric texture for your boat requires an interior design eye.

  • Choose the best foam

There are different types of foam you can choose from. Different foams have varying resistance to compression as well as different densities. Here some of the guidelines for choosing the best form for your boat.

  • The soft foams are ideal for settees backrests
  • Denser and compression-resistant foams work best for the seats
  • For sleeping surfaces choose layered mattresses
  • Choose latex foam over the polyurethane foam for comfort, longevity, resistance to molds and mildew, snoozing.

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  • Styling

After choosing the right fabric and the best foam, the only thing that is remaining is to upgrade your boat. Make sure your boat portrays nothing but elegance!