Taking Care of Your Boat Seats

Boat seats are normally affected by different conditions. Such conditions include:

  • Time
  • Weather
  • Sun

Just the way we apply sunscreen on our skin, boat seats also require protection. Taking care of your boat seats is the best thing you can do to them. Here are some of the ways you can keep your seats looking just as good as new.

Clean your Boat’s Upholstery Regularly

Keeping your all surfaces clean is a good way of maintaining the interior of your boat at the best condition. To clean the marine upholstery, use boat cleaners of a good quality. A good cleaner will leave all the water-safe surfaces bright and clean. They also don’t leave streaking or residue behind.

To assist you in the cleaning, you will also require:

  • A soft brush
  • Toothbrush for cleaning crevices
  • Few cloths (clean)

How to clean boat upholstery

  • Spray the seat cleaner directly onto the boat seats. Let the cleaner sit on the seats for about a minute.
  • After allowing the cleaner to settle, using little pressure brush the seat surfaces in circular strokes.
  • Brush the seat in segments.
  • Use a cloth to wipe the dirt that the cleaner has loosened.
  • For the creases, use the toothbrush and repeat the process just as you did for the brush.

Protecting your boat’s Upholstery

After you have thoroughly cleaned your boat seats, the next step is to make sure you protect them. This is done by spraying the upholstery with a protector. The protector leaves your seats dry, with no greasy feel, and with a matte finish.

The protector will protect your upholstery from:

  • Dust
  • Stains
  • UV rays thus protecting the seats from cracking and fading
  • Smudges

How to protect your boat seats

  • Spray the protectant on clean upholstery then wipe and dry the surfaces
  • Using a dry cloth, buff the surface severally for longevity and a good bonding

To completely protect the boat seats from UV, the process of cleaning and protecting upholstery should be done after every 3-5 weeks.

For a clean and elegant boat, clean and protect the boat after using it and at least once every week when the boat is not under use.

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