How to Clean and Maintain Your Boat Seats

Seat covers can get damaged over time due to lack of proper care. Boat seat covers if left unattended can accumulate mildew and dust which can adversely damage them. Guarding your seats against the destructive UV rays and regular cleaning is ideal in ensuring that your seats stay in the best condition for a long time.

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Here are some of the ways you can use to take good care of your boat seat covers.

Clean Your Boat Seats Regularly
To keep your seats looking new for a long time regular cleaning is necessary. Make this your habit. Of course, how often you clean will depend on how dirty your boat gets when using it and how frequently you use it.

Pro Tip: whenever you see grime, then it is time to clean your boat.

Cleaning Hacks
Routine maintenance of your boat is ideal in ensuring that dirt doesn’t build-up on your boat. After returning from a trip, wipe down the seats. This is important in making sure that you don’t spend too much time when doing your regular cleaning.

Clean spills immediately they happen. Vinyl fabric contains some pore and these spills can mess up your seat covers.

Tree sap can also damage your seat covers. Sap can accumulate on your boat seats especially when your boat is parked. Once you notice any fruit sap, wipe it immediately. The sun bakes the sap when left unattended and can become difficult to be removed. Cover your boat with a boat cover whenever it’s parked to protect it from tree sap.

How to Clean Your Boat Seats
Here are the steps to follow when cleaning your boat.

1. Get All the Necessary Cleaning Tools
To begin the cleaning process, you require the necessary tools and supplies. Here are some of the supplies you might need:

  • A quality cleaner
  • Vacuum
  • An old toothbrush
  • A soft brush

2. Start Off by Removing Dirt and Dust
Before you get into cleaning, vacuum dirt particles and any loose dust between joints, under the seat covers and within crevices.

3. Make Use of the Cleaner
This is how to go about it:

  • Clean one seat at a time to ensure that the cleaner doesn’t dry out while on the surface
  • Spray the cleaner on the seat. Allow the cleaner to settle for at least a minute
  • Brush the seat gently and in a circular-like motion
  • Using a cloth, wipe the grime away as it loosens. Use the old toothbrush to reach into creases
  • Wet then wring out a cloth and wipe the surface to remove any traces of the cleaner
  • Using a clean cloth, dry the surface

Cleaning Stains and Mildew
Some stains can’t come out using the standard cleaners. Use a magic eraser. Wet the pads and scrub the seats gently. Wipe out the surface with a damp cloth.

For stains caused by mildew, you will require a mildew stain remover. Spray the stain with the remover then allow the remover to sit for approximately a minute. Brush the surface in a circular motion. Wipe the surface using a damp cloth then dry the surface.

Protecting Your Seats from UV
UV rays can cause cracks, peels or can cause your seat cover to fade. Apart from using a boat cover or installing a bimini top, you can protect your seats cleaning them with a UV protectant. Before using the UV protectant ensure that your surface is clean and dry. Spray the protectant onto the clean microfiber cloth. Gently wipe the surface in a circular motion then dry the surface.

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