How to Upgrade Your Boat Upholstery

The inside of a boat is what we see mostly. It is prudent to maintain your boat as elegant as possible by upgrading its upholstery. Here are some of the steps you can take to give your boat that desired look.

1. Identify an Expert
The first step is to identify and hire a talented expert to do the upgrade for you. Don’t go for companies that deal with residential jobs, instead look for marine specialists to give you the magical touch. Marine experts use a different thread for their job as compared to their residential counterparts.

The thread used by the residential experts is damaged easily by UV radiation and adverse saline conditions. It is normal to see cushions that have been done by many residential professionals falling apart. Salty water from boat users’ bathing suits eats up the thread or the thread is sun-rotted.

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Book an Appointment with A Professional
Once you have identified the right professional for the job, the next step is to book an appointment with the service provider. If the company you choose are real experts like us, they will come to see your boat in person. During the visit, they will:

  • Take some photos
  • Envision the new look
  • Take the exact measurements

Pro Tip: Don’t allow old cushions to be used as templates. They are likely compressed and stretched, and therefore, they are extremely unreliable.

2. Choose the Perfect Fabric for Your Boat
The next step is to choose the right fabric according to your needs and preferences. Fabrics come in different textures, types, and patterns. At American Marine Coverings, we advise accordingly. You don’t have to worry if you have no idea of the perfect fabric for your boat. Our experienced experts will ask you different questions to determine the perfect fabric for your boat.

Marine fabrics fall into 3 general categories namely:

  • Basic fabric
  • Ultraleather fabric
  • Acrylic fabric

Choose the Right Foam
Foams have different resistance to compression as well as different densities. Here is a guide to help you choose the right foam according to your needs.

  • Dense and compression-resistant foams are perfect for seats
  • Soft foams are ideal for settees’ backrests
  • For layered mattresses, the high-density foam should come at the bottom with light or medium-density foam coming at the top
  • Go for latex rather than polyurethane foam to control mold and mildew
  • Reticulated foam is breathable but it can break down when exposed to intense sunlight

Let The Upgrade Begin
Once you have done all this, the last thing is to get things rolling. The professionals will upgrade your upholstery to make sure at least the interior of your boat is as good as new.

Schedule an appointment with the best, book with American Marine Coverings! Get in touch with us via (305) 889-5355 or visit our website