Bimini Tops, Cockpit & San Juan Shades

The Bimini Top – Originated by American Marine Coverings

We create custom solutions for every marine canvas and vinyl boat bimini. We will make any size stainless steel and aluminum biminis.  Most biminis are constructed using 7/8ths (aluminum or stainless steel.)  For the bigger biminis, we use 1″ to 1.5″ stainless steel 316.  The majority of biminis we manufacture use Sunbrella marine fabric.  We can also use marine-grade vinyl for binimi tops, either Weblon or Stamoid vinyl.


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Custom Bimini Covers for Sailboats, Wakeboard Boats, Pontoons, and ALL Boats.

Every bimini we make is custom made.  We do not carry stock (ready-made). American Marine covers all applications, including the DOUBLE BIMINI, which puts almost the entire boat into shade on those sweltering summer days.  The forward bimini folds up nicely, neatly and easily for when the boat is in motion.

What is a Boat Bimini Top?

Boat biminis are covers to keep you out of the sun when you don’t want it. They also fold up and out of your way when you would like to be out in the open. We have been making marine biminis since 1922 and can recommend the right top for you. Tops are different than boat covers, which protect the boat in storage.

Replacement Marine Fabric and Bimini Parts

Contact us for quotes on Sunbrella waterproof marine replacement fabric. We can ship you the parts you need to repair your bimini. If you prefer replacement vinyl, we can help you there too.

We are proud of our “San Juan” shades with hinges so that you still have the option of full shade or no shade.

Simply fold it up if you prefer more sun, or extend it if you want full shade.  Custom made individually to fit each boat, using the finest heavy grade aluminum tube, high-spec hinges and top of the line durable marine fabric.

Blue Bimini With Zipper Not only do we make shades and covers for boats, but we also make windshield covers for planes.  If you have a plane that doesn’t live in a hanger, you’ll appreciate how hot it is inside.  Using a cover makes it very much cooler in the cockpit, almost like it has been in the hanger, and it also protects the windscreen from the elements.


Bimini Tops, Cockpit and San Juan Shades

The Bimini Top – Originated by American Marine Coverings

At American Marine Coverings, we create customized solutions for every type of marine canvas and vinyl marine Bimini tops for your boat. We will take the time to make any size you need in terms of aluminum and stainless steel Biminis. Most of our Biminis are constructed from 7/8” aluminum or stainless steel. If you need a larger Bimini, we will use either 1 or 1.5 inch stainless steel 316. The vast majority of our custom Bimini covers are manufactured using a Sunbrella marine fabric. If you would like something different, we can also use a marine-grade vinyl for create the Bimini tops for boats from either a Stamoid or Weblon vinyl.

Custom Bimini Covers for Sailboats, Pontoons, Wakeboard Boats and All Other Boats

When it comes to our Bimini covers, every one of them is custom-made. We don’t carry any ready-made stock on hand. At American Marine, we cover all applications of boat covers. For those hot summer days, we offer the double Bimini, which is going to cover almost the entire boat and envelope you in shade. Instead of having to fight through the sun, you can sit back and relax under your new custom Bimini covers for sailboats. You can have everything you need all in one convenient location at American Marine.

If you need to take your Bimini cover off the boat, you can fold it up nicely and store it away until the next time you need it. Storing your cover has never been as easy as it is when you use one of our custom covers. Anytime your boat isn’t in motion, you can have the cover put up and out of the elements.

Bimini Tops: What Are They?

Boat Biminis are a type of cover that will help keep you out of the sun’s rays when you don’t want them beating down on you. Protecting your skin and the interior of your boat has never been as easy as it is when you use one of these custom covers. They easily fold up and out of the way when you want to enjoy the sun and be out in the open. Since 1922, we have been producing marine Biminis. If you aren’t sure what top to get, we are happy to recommend the perfect top for your needs. Remember, tops aren’t the same thing as boat covers. Covers help to protect your boat when you have it stored.

Replacement Bimini Parts and Marine Fabric

When it comes to a Bimini top replacement for boats, we can get you a quote on replacing your top with Sunbrella waterproof fabric. Give us a call and we will discuss pricing and what we can do for you. If you are looking to repair your Bimini, we are happy to ship the parts you need to handle the repairs. For those who would rather have replacement vinyl, we can take care of that for you as well.

We are proud of our beautiful San Juan shades complete with hinges. They allow you to have the option of either no shade or full shade.

If you want more sun, take the top and fold it up. If you want to get out of the sun, extend the shade all the way. You are in complete control with your beautiful new shade. Since they are custom-made to fit your boat specifications, you know you are going to get something that is going to work perfectly. We use only the finest in heavy-grade aluminum tubing, top-of-the-line durable marine fabric and high-spec hinges.

Not only do we create shades and covers for your boat, but we can also make windshield covers for airplanes. If your plane doesn’t live in a hanger, you understand how hot it can get on the inside. By using a cover, the cockpit will be much cooler, almost as if it were in a hanger all along. It also works to protect the windscreen from the harsh elements outside.

From marine Bimini tops installation to design, we can do it all for you. Give us a call to discuss pricing and services to see what we have to offer you and your vessel.