Boat Mats – custom made with Sunbrella fabric

Boat Mats also known as non-slip mats, marine mats, step pads, or boarding pads

When stepping onto your boat (particularly with wet feet or shoes), do you slip? Do you track dirty footprints onto your nice clean deck? What about wear and tear when you lift your ice-box/cooler straight onto your deck or gunnel? There’s nothing to protect it from scratches and scrapes. Right here in sunny Miami, we hand-make beautiful boat mats out of long-lasting, durable Sunbrella marine fabric (available in 73 colors), each one measuring 38 ½ inches x 17 ½ inches. The mat simply lies over the gunwale and is secured by a rubber gripper on the bottom (non-slip). Each mat is triple-layered with Sunbrella fabric on the top, ½ inch foam in the middle, and non-slip fabric on the bottom, with sand-weights on each end. We can custom-make them in different sizes too for larger or smaller boats and we can embroider them with your boat name (or any name).  Custom sizes may cost more than the regular sized boat mats, depending on their sizes and cost of shipping may differ too.

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Standard/Regular Hand-Made Boat Mat costs $59.99 plus $14.99 shipping within contiguous USA – Made in the USA (shipping is $18 – $21 for Alaska and Hawaii)

Plush/Quilted Hand-Made Boat Mat costs $69.99 plus $14.99 shipping within contiguous USA – Made in the USA (shipping is $18 – $21 for Alaska and Hawaii)

Embroidery only $39.99 for one line of text (your choice of font).  Each additional line is $39.99

boardingmatGOAWAY Cumbia JohnsDonzi ZOE



A plain/regular boat mat costs $59.99 (plus one line of embroidery if required at $39.99, additional line is $39.99) plus $14.99 for shipping -(shipping is within the continental US only, and worldwide shipping is calculated according to the destination).  For Alaska and Hawaii, shipping usually costs about $5 more for regular mail, and about $21 for priority mail.

A plush quilted boat mat costs $69.99 plus $14.99 shipping (within the continental US only, worldwide shipping calculated according to the destination). If we have the fabric in stock, we can usually make it in two business days unless you request embroidery. Plush boat mats cannot be embroidered.  In some cases, we can offer a rush/expedited service. Remember – these are hand-made right here in the USA.  7% sales tax is charged if we ship within Florida.  For Alaska and Hawaii, shipping usually costs about $5 more for regular mail, and about $21 for priority mail.

Here are some examples of embroidered boat mats so you can see what the font can look like – and scroll down further for more information about embroidered boat mats.

What does a Custom Embroidered Boat Mat cost?

Embroidery costs $39.99 for the first line, and $39.99 for the second line (for straight text using the font of your choice), although for individualized logos and designs, there is an extra set-up fee for digitizing which is USUALLY between $120 and $160 for the digitizing and then between $100 and $140 to embroider, depending on the size, number of stitches, and complexity of the logo.  Large logos cost more to embroider than smaller ones.  We give you a full quote once you’ve emailed us a .pdf or .jpg file of your logo so you can make the decision before we do anything.  If you have a .dst file, then we don’t need to do the digitizing, but can simply use the file you provide to us.

Embroidered mats take a lot longer to make (up to three weeks) because we have to get them digitized and then embroidered by a third party – so it depends entirely on his timeline – it can be as quick as 5 business days, but as long as three weeks, depending on how busy he is.

Here are some samples of digitized logos:









coastguardcushions emb_BillFishTournament embroidery_salfishhighstakes ritzcarlton



Don’t be fooled by the low price or think they are an inferior product – they are not! They are hand made out of the best Sunbrella marine fabric on the market and are top quality items.








Shipping Costs

Shipping is only within the contiguous United States, and excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico (where shipping will be extra) and is $14.99  per mat.  For international boat mats, we will charge for any extra shipping costs. Please note, if you have a custom made boat mat that is larger than our normal size, the shipping may cost extra as it will be heavier to ship.