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American Marine Coverings is proud to partner with Carinthian MM Mattresses Manufactory as the company manufactures exquisite, luxury mattresses called Flexima®,designed for the marine environment (which can, as we all know, provide challenges when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep!). They are the ultimate in Flexima® luxury marine mattress. We are one of the select few USA distributors, and are located right here in Miami, catering to the south Florida region.

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The mattresses are hand manufactured in Austria, following individual detailed templates which our highly skilled installers are specifically trained to take, and shipped to us air-freight. Each mattress will fit our client’s bed base, no matter what the shape or size.

There are different firmnesses and feels, so please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. We will quote you a price that includes a personalized template, manufacture and shipping.

In terms of height, shape and hardness, almost all customer wishes can be satisfied. All mattresses are individually handmade and customized optimally.

Where fire protection is required, we offer our “Flexima® fire resistant” mattresses with the IMO certificate for the EU and the US Coast Guard.

A number of additional products complement the Flexima program. Mattress toppers, custom-made fitted sheets, Flexi Dream children’s mattresses, baby mattresses, pillows and blankets, upholstery work for indoor and outdoor, products made of Arolla pine, dog mats etc.


Key Features:

  1. Purpose designed and build for the marine environment
  2. Metal free long lasting spring system
  3. Long lasting cold molded foam
  4. Self-aerating
  5. Seven zone cut
  6. Removable and washable cover
  7. Air Mesh
  8. Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial TENCEL® covers
  9. 2 year full warranty followed by 8 year pro-rata warranty on
    spring system and foam


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What’s so special about Flexima?

  1. Purpose designed and build for the marine environment
    The Flexima® Nautic mattress has been designed to deal with the challenging environment found on boats and yachts

    1. Moisture and mold
    2. Lack of access space
    3. Corrosive salty environment
    4. Hard bed base
  2. Metal free long lasting spring system
    Mattresses with metal springs are not suitable for the environment found on boats and yachts. They are

    1. Heavy
    2. Inflexible
    3. Susceptible to corrosion (rust)
    4. Not suitable for a hard bed base

The Flexima® springs are made from long lasting Polyoxymethylene (POM) eliminating all the before mentioned disadvantages of metal springs

  1. Long lasting cold molded foam
    The foam used in Flexima® mattresses is “cold molded polyurethane foam”. The same foam is used in car seats. It is long lasting and maintains its characteristics far longer than regular polyurethane foam.
  2.  Self-aerating
    The foam core of a Flexima® mattress has cavities that hold the springs in the center of the foam core. These cavities act as ventilation ducts. Any movement on the mattress pumps warm air out of the mattress and cool air into the mattress.
  3. Seven zone cut (Comfort and Premium models only)
    There are grooves cut into the foam of a Flexima® mattress. These grooves vary in spacing and depths. This feature offers varying support to head, shoulder and hips. This feature is also found in expensive home mattresses and is achieved by using springs of different tension.
  4. Removable and washable cover
    The covers of the Flexima® mattress can be removed and machine washed (up to 140ºF). With the cover removed, the foam core/spring module can be vacuumed and cleaned as well. This feature is unique and helps keeping the mattress clean and fresh.
  5. Air Mesh
    A ¼” air mesh is sewn into the bottom of the mattress cover. This air mesh maintains a layer of air between the mattress and the hard bed base. This feature eliminates condensation and mold. It also adds additional aeration. If the sides of the mattress touch the hull, the air mesh is also added to the sides.
  6. Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial TENCEL® covers
    The top layer of the cover is made of TENCEL®.
    TENCEL® is a 100% natural fiber made from eucalyptus tree. It is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. The fiber is very smooth and has a fibril structure. It wicks moisture away from the body and has a cooling affect.
    TENCEL® – more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, cooler than linen
  7. 2 year full warranty followed by 8 year pro-rata warranty on spring system and foam
  8. Award Winning
    Innovation Award – Miami International Boat Show 2016 (USA)Test Winner – “YACHT” magazine 23/2012 (Germany)
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