Aqua-Tite Water Repellent (Quart)

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PART #: AQ32
Aqua - Tite Water Repellent, silicon based. Size: One Quart. Customers report excellent results using Aqua-Tite to restore water repellency to their covers, dodgers, biminis (both cotton and synthetic materials). Recommended by the manufacturer for use on Top Gun & Odyssey III. Spray, brush or roll it on, but for best results use it liberally and let it cure for 24 hrs. out of the rain. Also works on Acrylic, cotton, nylon, polyester and polyester and cotton blends. Its neutral color is suitable for use on all colors, however, it may impart a slightly darker, richer tone to some lighter colored fabrics. Does not affect the fabric's breathability. One gallon covers approximately 500 - 700 sq. ft. Contains 10% silicone. If you have been using Aqua-Tite on a product continue to do so every year.


Price: $49.99

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